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Maiden Zelda Sprite Sheet (FAN MADE)
Sprites for the Maiden version of Zelda featured in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, made by using following program found here:

Loose Leaf Mac Sprites

These sprites were created to be as accurate as possible compared to the original design (…).

Zelda belongs to Nintendo.
Real Name: Unknown
Species: Unknown, but probably human
Age: 24
Nature: Hardy
Affiliation: Good/Neutral
Aliases: Agent Ridley, A.R., Agent R
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer, Smash Fighter, Adventurer
Pokémon: Swampert, Pheromosa, Incineroar, Meloetta, Ribombee & Alolan Ninetales
Relatives: Alpha Knightress (girlfriend; bio coming soon!)

Powers and abilities:
• Capable of using power-ups, and also copying others’ abilities through observation

• Additional data capsules connected to his helmet, capable of storing infinite amounts of information in the form of combat data and other types of data

Alpha Knightress
Meta Knight
Samus Aran
Bowser (to a degree)
Wario (occasionally)
Rundas Daygonsson
Ridley (occasionally)

Ridley (formerly)
Zebesian Space Pirates (formerly)
Cyrus and Team Galactic
The Toxic Mega Cunts
Dark Meta Knight
Galacta Knight
Dark Samus
The Time Empress
Master Hand/Master Giant/Master Beast/Master Shadow
Agent Ridley Biography
A summary of my newest OC, Agent Ridley. :D
On-Coming Characters/Events planned for SSBI
Happy New Year, Everyone! :D I'm back! ;)

And following piece of art above is intended to display some new characters and events that I've planned will appear in my on-going sprite comic 'Super Smash Bros. Infinity' later on; featuring inter alia two of the Ultra Beasts recently featured in Pokémon Sun & Moon, Bowser donning a new version of the armor he wore in the SNES game 'Yoshi's Safari', Ridley turned into another, fearsome version of himself as well as a new OC of mine (my avatar) and a number of my favorite characters featured in other games and other media.

The Lillie sprite belongs to mid117

The Captain Toadette sprite belongs to PokeGirlRULES

The original artworks of Guzzlord and Pheromosa belong to Ken Sugimori

The logo created for this comic belongs to KingAsylus91 

My avatar, the Rundas sprite, the Valkyrie sprite, the Agent Ridley Insignia and the story 'Super Smash Bros. Infinity' belong to me, AgentRidley 

All other sprites were ripped/created by HildaWhite, Lemon, Nemu & Gussprint
My Human Avatar + Sprites
Please give credit if you plan using the sprites or anything else. More contents will be added soon.

Credits to joy-ling for using her Pokemon Trainer Creator in order to create the body for my new avatar.

The sprites and the insignia belong to me, AgentRidley
NEW UPDATE (12-08-16): Page 11 of my sprite comic Super Smash Bros. Infinity (the one featuring Bowser) has been remastered.


AgentRidley's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Code name: Agent Ridley (but you can call me A.R. if you want)

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Occupation: R&D, Artist, Fanfiction Author, Adventurer, Bachelor of Science

Others: Creator of the sprite comic Super Smash Bros. Infinity

Interests: Reading, writing, science, culture, concerts, animals, cooking, listening to music, playing old Nintendo games, photographing and creating new art, of course

Favourite books: Fantasy, Marvel Comics and Nintendo Manga

Favourite music genres: Rock, pop, jazz, metal and indie pop

Motive of choice: Animals, nature, food, video games, concerts and musical artists

NOTE: Now I'm also available on Youtube (…).


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